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The Blood King

Uhm, yeah, so, i will put my review here above the synopsis since some people can't seem to see it or something. | V A minute of your time if you please. The reviews talking about the stupidity of the main character and plot armor in the earlier chapters is true. The reason I am not re-writing them is because i don't want to change things and then the later chapters are filled with plotholes. I am not asking for you to drag yourself through those chapters, if you can't take that stuff, then my advice to you is not to waste your time. Seeing as this is my first novel, I would like to think that my writing will get better over its course. This review is just to ward off less tolerant people, instead of them reading the novel and leaving a permanent negative review about something that I am working/have already worked on in the later chapters. I welcome criticism if it will help me improve my writing skills, but having the rating of my novel lowered because of a situation that is being solved/already been solved is just depressing. If you read to this point, thank you for your time. Hopefully, this review will not cause any misunderstandings If you are still willing to read this after this warning, don't complain to me. ... [Synopsis] Levi was the young master of a certain clan. He had a lot of friends, people would fawn over him wherever he went and his parents loved him. That was until the aptitude test that every child was required to take when they turn 7. The result of the test showed that he was utter trash, even among trash. From that day, all of his friends dissapeared and people only sneered when they saw him. But what turned his heart to ice, was that, the parents that loved him, looked at him in disdain and said "You do not deserve the name Azure! from this day forward, you will be stripped of that name and banished from the azure clan! now scram trash!" Needless to say, when he was kicked out from his clan, he was sneered at and bullied. This went on for five years, then, at the age of 12, he met a mysterious man. The man looked at him and said "You look sufficient. You are weak and alone. Do you seek strength?" Without hesitation levi replied coldly "Yes!" The man's voice rang out again "Even if it means becoming a demon hated by all?" He asked. "Aren't i already hated by all?" Levi replied. " Hahaha, then drink this blood of mine! Become strong enough to do as you please in this world!" *Disclaimer- the cover picture used for this novel is not mine, i did not make it, nor do i own it. all credit goes to it's creator.

I_Only_Sleep · Martial Arts

The System Of Somatosensation

The sense of touch or somatosensation is one of the important senses in a human body. Losing this ability can surely hinder your everyday life. Unfortunately for Tetsuo, he got a sickness that loses his ability to sense anything ever since he was young. After dying after complications on his body worsened, he wished to experience the feeling of the touch once in his lifetime. For some reason, he was born again and was now living on another world. He also gained a power that somehow had some connection from his dead Father. Join Tetsuo as he find more of his ability as friends and foes appear to help or stop his journey and the revelations that has something to do with his own existence. ----------------------------------------- This the remake of TSOS. Don't be surprised on the view count, its been a year since I started this and remade it again.

Kyosei · Fantasy
Not enough ratings