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Heart Cultivation

One who said, "I am bad guy!" was speaking a lie. One who said, "I am a good guy!" was actually hiding the truth. Jen Xuan Rong is the center of attention for a few reasons, could she become what her ancestors had decided for her? and how far she could survive in the world of stronger opponents? Her husband should not be the one evil willed. Would she choose one from the two? Or walk on her alone path? ~~~~~~ Its a cultivation novel with female lead. Enjoy the development of this story with the author here... Author _Sha Photo, not mine, credit to the rightful owner. ........... "With the opponent sent flying, Jen was left in the middle of the battleground. The genius tried hard to stand up on his feet but he trembled and fell again. His appearance got messed with a single slap. A small line of blood appeared from the corner of his mouth. Apparently, it was a small injury but only he himself could elaborate his internal injuries. He looked at the calm girl one last look and collapsed. Jen really hates such learners who wanted to take advantage of weaknesses of others but he met with Jen, his bad luck."

_Sha · Fantasy Romance

I'm Not An Elf

Person: "Hey why are you so short?" You: "I'm not short... You're just tall." Raises balled fists into the air. Person: "Awe your hands are so tiny, it's cute." You: Hides hands. "They are normal sized." Tired of these situations? Yeah, so is 14 year old, Lexi. When this 4'11 girl gets accepted into one of the top high school for the gifted, she didn't know that it would be filled with, in her words, "so many giant people." Find out what happens when she meets the five tallest people in the school.

phoenyx_1999 · Teen
Not enough ratings

Journey of a Princess of Criminal


Hann_Im12 · Horor dan Thriller
Not enough ratings