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Imperishable Intergalactic Romance (in haitus)

Imperishable Intergalactic Romance (in haitus)

In a world of ridiculing remarks, unfiltered contempt, enviousness of ravenous wolves- a tiny flower blossoms ever so gradually, while battling through a complicated romance, conquering an apprehensive, exquisite heart. Later to be thrown into a dark hopeless abyss of sadness, misery, anguish, that ever so gradually tears her flowery body. Again to be comforted by her warm luminous star, that seemingly loses its lustrous countenance with her feebleness. Soon to be revitalized amidst her bursting, poised heart, vanquishing every pitiful hindrance, that dare opposes the ever so majestic, insurmountable, Empress; dreaded by numerous beings of myriad characters, but ever to be loved by her radiant Devil. ________ Heyo ppl This is my second book. I hope you guys love it. It's my original one. Join The Discord: https://discord.gg/SYeZEmq Other Work: 1.Empress of Business World 2.Chasina's Chase: Finding the Devil The cover photo is not designed by me. It is designed by amanasci. Happy reading all o(〃^▽^〃)o

Ms_Anonymous · Fantasy Romance


BAJJ · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings