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Luna and the Land of Lore

Luna knew that she was not ordinary considering that she has gifts setting her apart from other normal teens. But she always thought that it was due to human mutation. Something like science-fiction-super-active-brain- chick-turned-hero kind of thing. She never would have thought it was a fairytale story origin! Transported to the Land of Lore on the night of her thirteenth birthday Luna met the ruthless General Wulfric Wolf and felt a deep connection between them. Born out of a Fairy King father and a half-witch Mom, she soon discovered the source of her gift. She begun a life in Constancia, one of the three kingdom in the Land of Lore. A realm beyond the human world, where the unimaginable are possible and her gifts the norm. Called upon by her fairy sisters she was expected to break a millennia old curse brought upon by a powerful witch. But will she be able to fulfill her role? Or will she open many old wounds and unfold many secrets? 'To forever, you shall bore no son. Year after year only daughters will come. Tiaras the Seven will all wear. Thrones will rise but you shall never have an heir. All the kingdoms and others of your kind will covet your throne. The seven shall fall and one of my kind shall rule.'

MsKimpossible ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings