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A Fool's Dream

A Fool's Dream

Fate's full of unpredictable events, it will give you something that's life changing or it will give you nothing at all Once, I was stand at the top but now I'm not anymore The hunter had become the prey and the prey had to survive each days Stars in the night sky is something I only gaze upon from afar, but now I travels to hundreds of it My name's Zhoutian... and this is my story... _________________ Author note : hi, it's my first story to write and maybe the story would be confusing at first few chapters but everything would be slowly explained in later chapters. English is not my native or first language so there's maybe would be many grammars mistakes, but If you guys is alright with it, welcome aboard! PS : there would be some curse words in this story so I warn you in advance if you are not alright with it Another PS : the story real journey would really start at the volume 2. Volume 1 only told the MC world background my side story : https://dynamic.webnovel.com/book/14972925506410405?utm_source=writerShare&utm_campaign=4304972744

RandomGuy · Sci-fi