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A Foolish Hero an existence I never wanted

Every Novel has a Hero on it. They are exaggerated existence that protects the weak and destroyed evil. But in a world that Hero is a common job where anyone can be a hero then has it meaning already seize to exist? A world where most of the villain are nothing but heroes in disguise. A world where evil means no harm and justice is but a tool for the corrupt and wicked. Does a true hero still exist among them? I hate heroes they are just hypocrite beings! A tool A puppet of the rich and powerful individuals. Others wanted to be save by them but I loath them as they only stage their saving act and the play was a disaster they premeditated. Yet why I am here being enrolled in an Hero Academy where they trained future villains in disguise? Why am I saving this corrupted hypocrites? I will never be a hero I rather destroy the world than to be one! (Ding...) [[ Detected foreign soul establish connection]] [[ Heroic Villainous System activated]] [[ Level 1 Superpower Modification awaken]] [[ Time Space Superpower Sealed]] [[ Save and Destroy the world - LE++ Mission Activated]] WPC#98 Superpowers (This is the 3rd time that I joined WPC I hope that I improve just a little bit in writing)

BakaNoBaka ยท Magical Realism
Not enough ratings