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The Crown Cries

Alexios Norcross, a supposed god of war for his time. In a land fueled with tragedy, deceit, and treachery, no one is safe from the games the blue bloods and royalty play. He fights, he wins, but when he falls, what happens then? A man revered for his might and prowess, a man respected for his honor and loyalty. his trust is broken, and his loyalty in tatters, he fights for the only thing he knows is real. his family and himself. Now alone from his family, he will strive to make sure he never loses in the game again. Follow across lives as Alexios tries to live another life free from the same game that trapped him. see if he falls for the same traps from before or if he finds a way to free himself from the spiders web. a kiss from death was all he needed to see the truth. Got some adventure. Has gore in certain places. Warm pleasant atmospheres. Vile language from some characters(ecspecially when drinking). A touch of romance. Readers choices and opinions develops the story ever slightly creating a alternate universe that were all involved in. Enjoy! Just for anyone wondering, it will be extremely slow the first about 5 chapters as it's just our MC growing, learning, progressing, Their will be only little action and more on what's happening around to tie it all together. I apologize for anyone wanting to just jump in but I promise I'll work on it more to satisfy everyone's wants. I will be updating 2 chapters hopefully everyday, at least 1 chapter a day. I do not claim ownership of game of thrones or any related characters belonging to game of thrones. I only own my OC characters. Any material belonging to other sources belongs to their respected sources and are used purely for enjoyment. This is my first work on the platform and was just bored after reading a updated chapter. Give me ideas, and help build this story along with me. open to ideas and constructive criticism. Your choices do revolve around the story influencing my creative writing into a direction of your choosing.

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