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Runaway wife :Divorce now Husband

In a very luxurious room a man is desperately finding something or ......someone . suddenly he finds a paper gosh!!!!! a divorce paper . "LU ANAAAAAAA... how dare you leave me .I don't allow you to leave me. I will find you kitten .... i will",screamed a devilishly handsome man . At the same time in Hawaii:- Achoo ...;) a beautiful girl with long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes and model like figure sneezed and sqeezed her cute pointed nose. "Looks like my dear husband oops ex-husband found the divorce paper and is cursing me . Hahaha..."suddenly a cold glint passed her eyes a scene from her past life where she loved this very husband and he loved somebody else .This time the game began from the very beginning and she was not going to loose herself in this shitty love of hers again . ----------------------'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx----------------------- This is my first novel and this a very soft core story not such hard dramas and 1000 chapters . This is a mix of rebirth and contemporary romance .

anshu2302 ยท Contemporary Romance
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