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Once Upon a Star

Once Upon a Star

Yuan Xing once had everything before it was ripped from her hands as she looked on in regret. Luckily for her, a second chance for revenge came. Now, with a different name and identity, she, a monster amongst geniuses, would do whatever it take vengeance against those who harmed her. After all, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned… “Well hello there little beauty. How about we spend some alone time in the bedroom?” she coyly gripped his chin in a suggestive manner. Her soft body was pushed against the hard panels of his muscular frame. His stone-cold face revealed a small smirk, where he then grabbed her waist and embraced her tightly to his chest, “Would you be able to handle it?” Yuan Xing:….-_-

AstoriaSky · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings