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The Slothful Daily Life of a Guild Master

The Slothful Daily Life of a Guild Master

"I am the Guild Master. . .so? what is it that you wanted to inquire?" "Heh? you want to become an Adventurer? want me to train you? 10 Gold per session then. . ." "Oh? Demon King subjugation? Well. . .that is. . ." "Eh? an S Rank Adventurer and a Hero is having a quarrel? Alright! ready the teleportation channel, I'll wipe their asses clean to learn their lesson!" "Hah? meeting again!? No, Cancel that troublesome thing" Ow this? Well, you see, this. . .is one of my daily life as a Guild Master and how the circumstances is taking away my--supposedly comfortable life. ■■■■■■■■■■ Words per Chapter: not greater than 1500' Update Schedule: atleast once a week ■■■■■■■■■■ ( c ) Disclaimer: my cover is L ( r ) An Original and First Novel of Gin

Gin_Kurorie · Fantasy
Not enough ratings