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A Cultivation Myth

A Cultivation Myth

The ‘6 realms’ were said to exist even before the new Era, making their origin an eternal mystery. The new ‘Era’ started with the birth of the first 3 Primal Bodies. Namely, The Light Primal Body, The Darkness Primal Body, and the Chaos Primal Body. It was said that Light Primal and Darkness Primal fought against Chaos Primal in an otherworldly battle in which they successfully annihilated Chaos Primal, thus making the ‘Chaos Laws’ ownerless. As they suffered severe injuries from the last counterattack from the dying Chaos Primal, the Light Primal and Darkness Primal did not have the chance to make these ownerless Chaos Laws their own and thus the free Chaos Laws spread throughout the six realms without an owner. ..... The novel shall follow two main characters. ..... Current release rate: 5 chapter per week, as I have a college to attend. Top 100: 6 chapters per week. Top 50 : 7 chapters per week. Top 10: 14 chapter per week. Top 3: 21 chapter per week. 1st place: 21 chapters per week. Lol I can’t write more even if you wanted me to!

MountainProtection · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings