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DC : Reborn To Enjoy Life

Alexander Vongola was reborn into the dc world with 5 wishes but the god kind of messed up and sent him way way way back in time to the Dinosaur Era Watch as he Dominates this era and the next while building the most earth shattering Family on earth.

Zyga · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings

Wizarding Wars | Pottermore Universe

The Wizarding World is a magic place, but also a very dangerous one too. Many focus on the schools of witchcraft and wizardry but there will always be conflicting interests. The World has fragmented after the dark lord has been defeated. Orcs, Trolls, Spiders and Humans all see a chance for more growth. With the power house that was the forces of Voldemort gone once again, conflict erupts as Harry no longer has a grip on the wizarding world and has fled with dire wounds. Who will prevail?

WildBreezeSNO · Book&Literature
Not enough ratings