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When the Multiverse was born ten Divine Daos were born with it. Since immemorial times all kind of beings tried their best to cultivate and completly master Divine Daos to become Eternal! But there were also those who created their Dao themself on the path of Eternity. The story follows a boy named Ren Li as he makes his way on the path of cultivation in pursuit of wealth and power. His means to reach them? Alchemy! Slowly turning from naive boy into fully grown cultivator with only one goal - to reach eternity himself. MC will not be a hero, with each passing Arc he will expierence and understeand how cruel World is more and more. This in turn will make him anti hero or straight antagonist of the story. Volume 1 is a long prologue with cultivation system introduction and World building, while Volume 2 will still not closely follow MC it will be a vital part for the story. Volume 3 will be all about MC and his difficulties as he tries to go over things that happened in Volume 2.

EternalDaoLord · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings


HELLION ACADEMY A hell for Nulls, A haven for Elites. It took away my life once, never again. Everything I valued and ever cared for lost in a game they all love to play. Hierarchy. But not this time. Because I have something I didn't. I have power. After all, Power conquers all. Text Copyright © TheLordAlien TM 2019 STARTING DATE: 09-14-2019 FINISHING DATE: UNKNOWN STATUS: ONGOING I UPDATE WHEN I CAN.

lordalien379 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings