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Kanna Lei aka KLUX is an amnesiac girl and her gender-bending alter-ego is a famous mysterious street fighter. She grows up in the orphanage and was disguising herself as a man to earn a living -------through street fighting! On her 100th win, she receives a mysterious letter, from a mysterious messenger. An invitation to the legendary street fighting underground arena ---------also known as JOUST ZONE.

sami_7060 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings


Spike Fierce is a well know fighter in the underground arenas of New York City. The G.S.F. is the battleground that most fighters dream of fighting in whether for the money, the glory, or an excuse to hurt people. What starts as a chance to win money becomes a deeply personal affair for Spike, when certain powers at be begin to hurt those around him.

MD5_Mobstar · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings

I'm Back Bitches

Alexis Keva Parker is nerd girl at school bullies by classmates and twin brother and other siblings. her parents didn't care about her because I was fat and ugly nerd girl before I left my hometown and my life was living hell 3 years but now I'm back and I'm badness girl and gang leader now. my revenge to my bitch bullies and twin brother and other siblings

DTonye0 · Teen
Not enough ratings