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Accidentally inlove with a Stranger

It all started with Kaye who is a simple girl, sometimes boyish, grumpy, and moody person. One day she met someone because of her friend named Amara. When the day comes, they texted and chat each other since August 28, 2020. As they always talk, they fall to each other and the guy courted Kaye until now, sometimes he/she is busy so only in the evening they have time. The girl accepted the guy even he's just a driver of his "amo" and earn 3k a month. Kaye is not expecting that they will be married someday because he believe that there is someone who will come to open her door and court her. Her president in class likes her and confessed. She's waiting for someone to court her.

Prinsesangbuhaymo · Teen
Not enough ratings

Distaste and Delight

Ren is from the poor part of New York and has a police record. When he is finally taken by the state to try to reform him, he is sent to a prestigious live-in boarding school. He tries to stay unnoticed and doesn't fit in. But what happens when he meets Sebastian, the rich son of an important family and the prefect? And what about Ezra, Sebastians best friend who looks at Ren like he hung the sun in the sky? Could they all be pulled into something new that they never expected? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COVER MADE BY: Persephone X ALL RIGHT RESERVED

PantheonsPavoris · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

Our White Little Lie

When Simply Fashionable, a large fashion company, faced the threat of bankruptcy, Michelle’s parents pushed for an arranged marriage between her and Reine Des Neiges Fashion’s successor, David Mendoza. Both of them uncomfortable with the idea of it, they came up with a way for them to tamper with that plan.

MorganCarter1022 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings