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Stepmother Isn't So Evil!

Lady Louella is known for being the abusive stepmother of Asphodel, whose father died in a carriage accident. She makes Asphodel do all the house chores and beats her up when she disobeys. She's a very despicable character who will go through great lengths to satisfy her greed! It's a good thing at the end of this famous story, Asphodel gets married to a prince and punishes Lady Louella! But wait, why am I waking up in Louella's body!? I'm supposed to be dead! Why am I here!?

stars_dont_twinkle · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Kaze No Stigma (Kazno : Kazuma X Ayano)

Ayano Kannagi the future head of the Kannagi Clan. She hot headed, a big eater, and often gos with her instinct rather than her head. Kazuma Yagami previously a member of the Kannagi, was an known as the black sheep because of his inability to control fire spirits. Got back on his feet after gaining the contract of the Spirit King of the Wind. The present head of the family intends for them to be wed for the secure future of the Kannagi Clan. But, for the sake of Clan will they get along? and... don’t they already get along? *Spin-off self made sequel of Kaze No Stigma the Anime*

_FluffyLunChi · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings