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WITNESS: Cannon Fodder's Recorder [On-Hold]

"I believe in God, but I don't believe in fate, because destiny wants me dead." _______ "I can see their future, full of love and a new beginning..." "But when it's my future... Why is it always death?!" Leaf Lulu who reincarnated not just once, not twice but more than thrice, always end up dying... as a stepping stone! She didn't remember how her first life ended nor why she kept her memories from all the life she had, but she knew one thing. She can precisely see the future of others but always death come after for her. "Is fate playing tricks on me? It isn't even Halloween yet!" "Since it's always like this, I'll play tricks on your favorite characters too, you freaking destiny!" And that's how Leaf ruins the plot on every world she reincarnated to, just to survive... However, will she be able to accept the truth destiny foretold about her? ________ Witness: Cannon Fodder [Recorder] Witness: Male Lead [Camera] Witness: Oracles [Diary] [Cover Designed by: Angela "Alegny" Alcaraz] [Update: On-Hold Mode~] Join us in discord: https://discord.gg/QPJ6xcG ~Credits to the respective owner of the picture used at Book Cover ~All Rights Reserved

_KircheLeaf_ · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

.The Dark Stranger.

A Story about Love, Mystery and Death. As well as a serial Killer on the loose...

AsylumPatient0001 · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings