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Lovingly together

'You made me fall in love with you at first sight thoughts of you have begun to dominate my mind. In the process of wooing you, I find Loving you is my most exploited right.' Roxana's whole world as she knew it collapsed when the truth came to light. The life as a pampered heiress, the doted upon only daughter, and the dearest granddaughter that she was, it turns out that none of this lavish life belongs to her. Even her childhood sweetheart, her supposed fiancée is not hers! Will she give in to the chaotic, negative feelings blooming inside her and become blinded by her jealousy? The true heiress of the Beaufort family has been living a harsh life, with every new day bringing a new set of tortures. Just as she managed to escape and get a slight breather, she is picked up from the orphanage and brought to a rich, ancestral estate and told that she belongs to a wealthy family and that someone else was mistook as her and lived her part of happy life. Should she feel bitter and resentful? What happens when these two girls meet? In this story there will be caring family members, handsome love interests, psychotic enemies, face slapping and lots of loving! __________________________________________ There will be descriptions on torture, violence, kidnapping, abusing, drinking and smoking. Mention of rape can be expected (it doesn't happen, it's only mentioned about twice.) Sixteen and under to proceed with caution, if you decide to give this story a chance. Slight mature content is expected. It's not going to be smooth sailing for the characters, but it will be an interesting journey, and a happy ending.

star_dreamer · Contemporary Romance