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My healing love

**NO MAJOR MISUNDERSTANDING** 18+ scenes Because your love heals me, I will give you all my life. "She said to me: I can't stand men touches. Soon I realise that I was special because I was the only man who she could stand; then I thought maybe we were made for each other. So I decided to give her all my love"- MC "He is the only man I can feel and touch, He is the first one who can make me smile like that." So I thought maybe he is my healing. - FL MC is one of the most famous and richest men in the country. He got it all: A perfect looks, a good family, wealth. Although he is known for being a cold and ruthless businessman, he is someone who can give everything up for the people he loves… FL is a top model who carries scars from her past. She wants to heal those scars and live the best of her life. For that, she wants the people who have hurt her to pay for their sins. She is a strong woman who loses all her means in front of our MC. Fate brought those two people together, will the love of our MC be strong enough to wipe the scars of our FL ..?? Author Note: I have read a lot of novels, so I decided to try to write one myself. It's not your typical novel with overbearing CEO and passive FL. It's more a story about someone learning to love herself and accept other people love. Someone who tries to heal her wounded heart with the love given by people around her. The novel will contain one main story and two sides story. If you are interested with a novel with a patient and understanding MC and a strong but lovely FL please give this book a try. English is not my native language so there will be some mishap, please fill free to correct me. I will realise 4 to 6 chaps a week. Thank you. ***special thanks to my little sister for the cover

Alexhamane · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings