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I'm a true Immortal

imagine being born from nothing. just something that one day appeared out of knowhere, no one actually knows how he came to be, but their has been words amongst the gods that a natural born immortal has emerged. it's been sixteen years since they all felt his presence suddenly appear then dissapear almost immediately. sixteen year old Azreal Wei is just an average high-school in a world ruled by cultivation, . . . but due to being the adopted son and being in declining clan he's been faced with trouble for the past year. and the cruelty of this world kept stomping all over young azreal, untill one fatful day he found himself lying dead in an alleyway. but then his eyes jolted open as he was grasping for air. he didn't die but it was more like. . .he wasen't capable of dieing ( before you ask, yes he will not be gifted nor giving anything, he litterally will steal a system )

Monarch6319 ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings