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Thriller Paradise

Thriller Paradise

This is a game beyond dimension–the pursuit of truth. The unknown seal, the gambit between gods and demons… The defiance against data, the retribution of human… In a virtual world connected with reality, consciousness dictates us, consciousness chooses us, and consciousness dictates our consciousness. Now, throw away you fear. Throw away your selfish interest, question, and disbelief… Free your thought. Welcome to Thriller Paradise. Feng Bujue lost his ability to fear because of an unknown psychological disorder. Through a virtual reality game designed for players to experience fright and despair, he began his search for his lost fear. Could he finally regain his ability to fear? Could he outwit the scenarios presented to him? Could he finally uncover the truth hidden inside Thriller Paradise?

San Tian Liang Jiao · Video Games
My Ordinary Life Looks Like a Love-Comedy!

My Ordinary Life Looks Like a Love-Comedy!

This story follows the everyday life of Kanzaki Ren, a 16 year old Japanese boy and his crush, Mikagi Sora. Ren puts his pride on the line to confess his feelings, only to be turned down by the "Iron Maiden". What's going to happen when Ren finds out that the perfect girl Sora is a loner with no friends! The solution? Join the "Friendly Classmates Circle" A.K.A the FCC. A slice of life, romantic comedy story is about to start. (VISUAL NOVEL STRUCTURE)

N3RU · Teen
Not enough ratings