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Hidden Husband: Beloved Wife

Helen is the maid's daughter, although born to a rich father, her stepmother made her suffer throughout her adult life. Her stepmother forced her to marry Peter, another maid's son... With no plans to settle down because he's struggling financially, Peter turned Helen down and want her out of his house, but as days goes by, she won his heart with her captivating beauty. Just when they already developed genuine feelings for each other, the stepmother returned to take Helen away, wanting her to marry the wealthy blind heir of Genesis Business Empire. Helen need to choose between the poor Peter and the wealthy blind heir. What lies ahead of Helen and Peter's love? Is their love worth fighting for? Only time can tell... *** Dear readers... let's join the couple in their journey as they navigate the joy and sorrow of falling in love and staying in love through the dark times. *** This novel is a Silver Tier Winner of WFP #35 #36 ~My Other Novels on this site~ * The Vampire's Love: You're My Destiny~ Ongoing * The CEO's Painted Skin: Contemporary Romance~ Completed. * Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife: Contemporary Romance~ Completed. * The Last Embrace: Fantasy Romance, Vampires Love~ Completed. * The Tale Of Three Sisters: Fantasy Romance, Adventure ~ Completed.

Lizabelle88 ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings