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Yuki the Omega Wolf

An omega male is mixed in with the mafia. The abuse at home is bad enough, so what will happen when the mafia starts trouble? Will Yuki ever be able to live a happy life?

Damien666Scott · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

My Beautiful Step-Mother

A year ago. Mu Lan's Father remarried a beautiful tempting woman. Her name was Lan Yue. Lan Yue is a beautiful enchanting woman capable of making man lie-low to her. That includes Mu Lan a prideful and aloof young man. Thus, having Lan Yue as a step-mother for a year, Mu Lan feelings for her gradually taken a right-turn. One day, Mu Lan wakes up in the morning and immediately walk towards the kitchen. Only finding her step-mother Lan Yue cooking food for both of them. The moment Lan Yue gives him a smile, Mu Lan immediately decided to confess to her as he hugged him from behind. Will Lan Yue accept his step-son's love? Or Will Mu Lan ended up with earth-shattering rejection? Let's find out..... ***** Chapter Update: Not constant. But expect a four-five chapter minimum.

Swift_Hands · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings