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The strongest outlaw

The strongest outlaw

A seventeen year old high school boy named enzo hibiki who loves playing video games and loves watching anime. When suddenly one day he got got in to trouble by helping another schoolmate being bullied and because he sense of rightousness het got himself into a big problem when the bully pull a knife out of pocket he was stabbed with a knife into his neck stomach he was left alone bleeding to death as his tells himself that "being good is Bad and being bad is Good". As he wakes up into a magical western steam punked world where magic and technology is one he decided to become a "Magic Slinger". A magic slinger is the one who uses guns and magic. Because of this he can use all affinity in elemental magic and a special affinity and a unique ability. An affinity in shadow and a Unique ability called "Limit Breaker" allows the user to extend his limits and increase his reaction and reflexes 10X faster than a normal human but the guild rejected him because people think his using some kind of illusion to fool them and enter the guild then he promise to all the person on the guild "I'll be back and all of you will know my name as the Strongest Outlaw"

Common_isekai_mc · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings