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In This Life!!

#first novel & writing In This Life!! when a small mistake makes your life end!. fuck my previous life!! when I endure the pain of body and mind just to get another life. then I will do what I want to get a fulfilled life of mine this time! hehe.. this girl is slim and mature.. wow.. that milf is so seductive! hmm..this playful girl is cute too.. let's make them mine! #+18

SeinTh · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Mysterious Farm

My name is Jack Green, and I was originally a firefighter on earth that died heroically after saving a dozen people from a burning building, and after I died in that burning building I found that I reawoke in a alternate earth...one that was in an apocalypse and in the future... But I did not appear there alone...I appeared with a system based on farming! With my system, I can grow anything and everything! Whether it be weapons, armor, or even gods themselves anything is possible! But how will this system based on farming help me survive the horrors of this new world I am in?

Unholy_Student · Video Games
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