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The Elven World: After The Flood

In a world with stats, leveling, skills and loot....It's been two hundred years since the Great Flood and Fall of the Elven World. Elves are now known as the Lost and roam in traveling caravans between the new Human Cities. The magical races have either been wiped out or enslaved. A new Human Overlord has spread his domain over the land. Arilee, an Half-Elf female, awakes on an island after a shipwreck. The commander of the the island gives her a quest to help rid the island of Goblins, with the reward being passage to the Capital City. Arilee must team up with three new companions and escape the island. Authors Note: Hi all, this is a non-vr, traditional RPG fantasy story. The first part of the story, Goblin Isle, (Quest 1-6) is what I consider the tutorial island that sets up the rules of the world and characters before it progresses into more of a grand fantasy epic in the later parts. It takes a few chapters till the action starts happening but I hope everyone enjoys it. Thank you for reading!

acooper64 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

A Fox in a Game (Not being continued right now)

This story will be given a new chapter each Tuesday and Friday!

RosePetalTea7 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Dungeons and leveling

On hiatus because I was producing them then releasing them right away so I’m gonna take a break and make more and plan out the plot and powers I want more shall return soon this was written on 14 of September Join or main characters June and Lucy as they venture through this massive VR world called Dungeons and Leveling as they found out they can never leave they’ll have to decide how they should venture through this world. Also join them as they get strong friends and try to clear this game that they can’t leave. It gets a lot better as it go’s along so please stay and read I’m the sole writer and I will try to update frequently I have school rn so it might be somewhat hard. Email me to give feedback, suggestions, or artwork ——— webnovelguesswho@gmail.com

You_Guess75 · Video Games
Not enough ratings