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After I Took Off My Tiara

Three persons was standing in front of an experienced spy. "Hira, I confidently put this case to you. Hiro will come back eventually. So in the meantime... I'll burden you to accept this case." he told her as he stare at a particular bowing person. Hira bowed down politely. "Yes sir! I'll do my best! Thank you for trusting me!" He nodded at her. Afterwards, the three of them went out seemingly happy. after months, they finally have case to solve again! Though that case was involved her Superior named, Lino An. It was an occurring that all of them was shocked. He was the victim, yet no one knew how did he died without a penny evidence. It was a bliss that they finally took a case again. They will do their best as long as they can solve the mysterious case. However, did she has to marry the Third Prince ? It's not because of the case but because of the edict that was passed from generations to generations. As to why she was picked of becoming the Third Prince wife, she also didn't know. Her parents only told her, she was picked because of the good deeds her great great great great (x100) grandfather. Good deeds my ass-- She can't oppose, she can't decline so the only choice was to accept it wholeheartedly (not even whole). [Cover Source: Pinterest]

LiLiNa ยท Contemporary Romance
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