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I Become The Strongest Spy In Another World

Kareem, a reporter, was transmigrated to a world that was at war. He accidentally saved the leader of a superpower's spy. When he did that, he received his power for transmigration. The Spy System. "Congratulations on activating the system. Reward: [Highest-grade Camoflouge]." Kareem was surprised when he got the skill. But the system message did not stop there. "You will be rewarded with more skills if you participate in spy activities." [Master of Weapons]: You will be able to master all kinds of weapons. [Mind Reading]: No one can lie in front of you. [Photogenic]: You can remember any secret documents you come across and will never forget them. To survive in this world, Kareem decided to join the country of the spy he had saved. He became a real spy, codename Crow. However, as he slowly learned more about the world and the corrupted countries, Kareem realized no country was worth his allegiance. In the end, he decided to live for himself. For the rest of his life, he used his unique skills and experience to play all the superpowers in the palm of his hands. "I'm the one who decides the fate of this world!" announced Kareem.

Eastern Martial Arts ยท Magical Realism
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