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Secrets That We Keep

Jozine Layla Quinn is a child of this universe that was never meant to be born. She's an unknown child of the universe and so the complications started when the child was suddenly born and added into the world. Due to the complications, the child isn't born healthy and is born with great sickness that is very difficult to cure. She's an orphan and she is alone most of her life until she met her teacher. They have a love and hate relationship that bonded them together and their relationship blossomed into a strong unbreakable love. Her teacher will be the one to help her get through everything and everyone will be the ones who will try to break their imperishable love. *** This whole story will be written in the 3rd person's POV or the narrator's POV. So even though there are two main protagonists in my novel, there can be a lot of characters' thoughts and feelings. Soo I will be doing a lot of attitudes and behaviors so that almost all of my characters will be described and no one will be left out. Credits to the rightful owner of the pictures although I made the cover. Please vote for this book! Thank you all for your support! Please keep yourselves safe!

Penguinne · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Destine Love

Melony, "Mel" to her two best friends Clarisa and Rebecca, is a 23-year-old woman ready to carve a path for herself and achieve her dream of working for one of the best jewelry companies in the city. Nicolas is 30 years old and the CEO of Ward Jewelry the best-known jewelry company. His father has been pressuring him to get married and start a family. Nicolas has already meet Melony five years ago when she gave him a rose to placed on his mother grave the day she berried her grandfather. By the time he was living the cemetery his father had already sent the guards in order to get away from them. He asked Melony to help and he took her away. Melony did not have a chance to refuse his request when he was pulling her across the streets and away from the crazy. They spend the whole day together at the end of the night they said their good beys knowing that they would never see each other again. Fate intervenes and reunites them once again. Nicolas has been looking for Melony for the past five years and she is finally within his grasp. All he has to do know is get Melony to fall in love with him and figure out the rest once it happens.

LLopez · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings