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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners

When Chiko the balut vendor, Yang the vegetarian Aswang, and Gantes the fluffy-baldy finally steps on the sepak takraw stage, the whole world was shaken, a unique friendship was created and living legends were born. Three different lives, three different stories, three different characters but one whole sepak takraw team! Follow the story of the most unusual Sepak Takraw regu to their path of ultimate Sepak Takraw! In the name of money- I mean - friendship!, unlimited samgyupsal meat- I mean, teamwork! and green vegetables with salad dressing - I mean, sportsmanship! (dang it, author, do it right, please. We are trying to hook people here.) Prepare to cry, prepare to laugh, and prepare to have a major-major jaw-drop that would surely change your perspective in life and your perspective on the world of Sepak Takraw. This is MADTAKS! (...wait for it...) Legends of the Four Corners! P.S. This is a Competetive Sports-Fantasy novel so you can expect plenty of out-of-this-world moments. Also please bear with my spelling and grammar. I know I tend to miss a lot of them, but I promise to fix them as soon as I spot them. Also please note that this is a revised version of the original "messy" story, so if you happen to read this novel before, I hope for you understanding ^_^ And lastly, I hope you will enjoy this humble sports novel written by a handsome author from a distant small but beautiful island of Bantayan. ******** Daily updates at 10:00 am (GMT+) For message/support/'coffe', you can reach me at iamnaz2019@gmail.com or try discord: https://discord.gg/kyJH7cbV discord name is KingOfPeace(iamnaz7) #0639 *********

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