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The Nerdy Bad Boy

Sixteen-year-old Archer Jones-Johnson moves from Victors high to Woods-lane high school. When he gets there he is asked where he's from and what's his name and gets confused with Archer Felix William. A 16-year old that also went to Victors high. But the difference is that Archer Felix William is a bad boy and has a big reputation that has been heard of at Woods-lane high school. And Archer Jones-Johnson is the nerdy guy that is ahead of everyone but was forced to stay in high school by his parents which wanted him to have the 'high school experience'. So when Archer goes to his new school everybody including teachers thought he was the bad boy. But after he tells the truth they think he is joking because apparently, the bad boy has done the 'goody-two-shoes act' before. So everyone fears him and makes him their new school bad boy. James Davis Wilson, the ex 17-year-old bad boy, backs off by pressure but then thinks. What if he was telling the truth? What if he was a nerd like he said he was and just backed off by pure pressure and gave his spot to a nerd? Will James fight Archer to get his rightful place or will he believe that Archer is the bad boy and not a nerd? Will Archer be himself or fall into the game of being popular for once and become the bad boy they so desperately want him to be?

Weird_BLue_16 ยท Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings