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Descendent of the Primordial Heaven.

Rohit an young boy, who is a firm beleive of materialism meet with an accident, but suprisingly he was saved thanks to the quickthinking of two young man. After just two weeks he was discharged from the hospital, but his world started to change after that. Unlike before , Rohit started to see some strange things after he left the hospital, some scary Ghostly creatures that he never seen before. But that was his less concern as the main that he was scared shitless was actually within his body. Time to Time an unknown voice resounded within his mind while talking shit. Searching for any demon! Estimatating the time for next Demonic invasion! "Seems like my Condition worsend after discharging from the hostipal, might be an mental trauma, i should probably get myself checked." He came with this after suffering from unknown voice in his head for a day. Follow Rohit on his journey , an expectional and unique child from india, And an last Avatar of the world.

Unknown_scholar ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings