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Broken Deku to succesful villain (dropped)

Izuku Midorya or Deku is being made fun of and bullied in his school because he's quirckless. His "friend" tells him to kill himself. Right after that he meets his idol, All might who crushes his dreams. He pleads loyalty to the villains, gets a quirk and becomes the strongest villain to ever exist. Guaranteed weekly chapter releases and sometimes more than one chapter a week. The picture for the cover is not mine, please give credits to the creator

Watchanime_XZ · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings

The Night’s Call

Take it from Giselle Blair. Her simple life in Minnesota takes a drastic turn to myths and legends upon meeting the reclusive Haruto Yamamoto. Through him, she learns that she is no mere teenager but a demigod who has been given the death sentence of saving the world. Together with Haruto and the handsome Ramon, Giselle learns about everything the Greek pantheon could offer, including the task of saving the protogenos of night, Nyx. Will she be able to heed the Night's Call before Halloween?

corneliahall · Book&Literature
Not enough ratings