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Ensnared! : Trapped In A Spider Girl's Reverse Harem

Arachni girls with boundary issues and an abundance of lust? Tsk tsk! Being saved from death by a spider-girl isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Toma's luck goes from bad to worse. Not only has he been left to die in monster infested territory but he's been abducted by a much greater threat. Although he manages to avoid immediate death, Toma quickly finds himself in an unsettling situation. He's been drafted to cater to the needs of a particularly vicious spider queen -- one who won't accept no for an answer! If Toma wants to see another day he needs to come up with increasingly scandalous ways to satisfy his captors, save his skin, and escape in the process! ***Purchase The Full novel at https://bit.ly/RensDen *** **Note that, even though this is a Reverse Harem tale, it does not feature M on M scenes. It DOES feature arachni girls having their way with a harem of males though.**

DreamOfRen · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Web slinger

Anika. Born from a Hispanic household yet living in LA. The city of celebrities and where people go to get big. But Anika's only here for an education. She meets people and certain creatures that change the way she lived before. What exactly plays out? Read do find it out on your own. This story will play out very slowly and will have a lot of details. Good luck

_princesscharming_ · Teen
Not enough ratings