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The Orb_Weaver

The Orb_Weaver

synopsis: The company broke up and we moved to the farm for living. Yes, we lost everything and all we had weaved through years faded away in a year. First night I got lost in the forest then about to fall into a crag, but an old weird lady saved me. The new house was unstable and the first night of being there shattered, not only getting ruined, but also shattered my life. Destiny dragged me into a vacuum where I could feel nothing. I had to sign a contract with the weaver lady or live the rest of my life in pain as palsy. Should I make my life under a contract that if I disobey I will become mist, like never existed? Who should I be to them? A gold weaver who has to hunt and save people from... Who I believed I am? A coward. Is there anything out there to cancel the contract and besides save my ass! ***you will read*** "What are you exactly?" "A weaver", "Damn, it hurts so much, are you telling me you're going to sew a jacket for me?" He sneered, what a loving goofy! I can't bear to be around people, but this one acts like a magnet! Just makes me laugh even with stupid words! Should I ignore him or clean his memory! Anyways he won't remember me after couple of days! Still not sure if saving him from them was right or not. Please note: *thank you for paying attention on my stories*. *not the spiderman or spiderwoman (silk) plot line or theme".

Naz_Mzf · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings