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Selfless Forbidden Love

He's handsome. He's smart. He's rich. He's an heir. And most of all, He's Kent Lanxe Marquez. A resident doctor who lives in pursuit of perfection due to the pressure his father always give him. He's a homosexual. He's only attractive to one gender. And that is...to his same sex. He'd been hiding his real sexuality since he found out that he's not straight. It was hard to hide and pretend especially that his dad always pressure him, especially that he'll be handling their company. All his life, he'd been always pressured to be the good son. He's the eldest among the four of them. Him, his younger brother, and his two younger sisters. He was just busy dealing with his residency, when a new dentist of their hospital barged in. He never thought he'll meet someone like Raze, not until they got closer. ✔ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2020       Ace Seavey       12/11/20

Kai_Silvano · LGBT+
Not enough ratings