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Lord of Annihilation

What does it mean to truly be alone? To lose your friends, loved ones, and your entire species. Are humans truly alone in this vast cosmos, or is there a greater stage awaiting it to enter? Is Death really the end? Or is there something beyond it? Follow along with Lucius, a man who was once truly alone for 300 years, as he returns to the past once again in order to break free from 'The Rules' and 'Them' The only path to the end is through Annihilation! ------------------- Volume 1 Synopsis: Lucius returns 300 years to the past, along with Ka'lor'ah, to the year 2320. Carefully having to manipulate 'Cause and Effect' without being discovered by 'Them', he has to ensure Mankind's survival and prevent its annihilation during it's 'Ascension'. But can mankind's fate really be changed so easily or is it destined to fall during its 'Ascension'? ------------------- Volume 2 Synopsis: With the awakening of their souls, mankind has found the path to greater power. Under the lead of Alex Hellwig, mankind struggles to survive within the myriad forces that populate the Universe. Will it stay united? Or will the dark undercurrents brewing beneath the surface, lead it towards its fate of 'utter annihilation'? Meanwhile, Lucius awakens his original bloodline. Will he manage to successfully hide the truth about his nature? Or is he fated to be hunted by the entire Universe for being a 'Child of the Void'? -------------------

C0nstance · Fantasy

The Everlasting Curse

It all started when seven strangers angered a powerful witch, and got themselves put into a curse by her. Within the curse they must use team work to progress through dangerous and unusual scenarios in hope of ending the curse and going back home. Will these acquaintances be able to end the Everlasting Curse? May contain some inappropriate language.

Halle_Hathaway · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings