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Meeting in the 60s

From a girl who was born in an apocalyptic world where the main rule was: everything is allowed for survival. Accepting a dubious deal with unknown entities to live in a new, relatively peaceful world, was like winning a lottery prize, which girl would not accept it? Li Xue definitely accepted and was transferred to a world totally different from her own, in a country called the People's Republic of China during the 1960s. A place where the only thing she would need to worry about was how to pretend to be someone harmless. ********************************************************* ATTENTION! * All historical events in the history are inaccurate and use only the knowledge obtained from Google and Wikipedia. So don't take it for granted. * Do not forget that this is a fictional story, so I will use my poetic license, to change the image of the place where the story takes place for my convenience. *This story is written by me originally in Portuguese. I will be using google translate to convert to english. *If you are interested in the Portuguese version, it is being published on Wattpad. *The publication of the chapters will officially begin on February 15, 2021. See you later!

Noellegy ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings