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Heihua Loyal Snake Disease [Quick Wear]

As Qin Jin traveled through time and space, she had to go on a dangerous violent, blackened, and deep well ice... journey to set things right. His status is noble, his mother died and his father hated him, he was bullied at a young age, he lived as if he died, and finally slaughtered all people. He ordered Ziwei to be the master, with exceptional talent and amazing talent, but was imprisoned and forced to be tortured. He was a shocking talent, but was robbed of his vitality and fell into the endless darkness. He is a humanoid weapon on the battlefield, a demon-like young man who makes people nightmare, but has an infinitely sad childhood. He is the king of the doomsday, turning time and space upside down, only one person. He is the proud son of heaven, who was supposed to be prosperous and wealthy, but he was turned into a phoenix by stealing a dragon, and was left behind. He is highly talented, unrivaled, and a wheelchair throughout his life ... Many years later, Qin Jin returned to her job space, who knows, Real Asura Field, this has just begun, and everything is not over yet... Our slogan: Slap, Fool, get rid of the evil! by: 春日牡丹

radella · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings