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Earth witnessed its final days 200 years ago, the stories of it's end long since twisted by folklore and the loss of data from various disasters. the remaining vestige of humanity having heard rumors of a planet-like object chasing the edge of the universe all race to catch up to this fabled last hope for the human race.

CasuallyAPerson · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings

Axel Jones’ Space Odyssey

Axel Jones, your average run-of-the-mill boy, or at least it seems as so. He has 2 older brothers, who bully him and his siblings. Until he was asked to be sent to the ISF, for special training against the Urdu, a reptile-like alien species. Axel, along with the other children, must go through a rough couple of years, full of mental, physical, and emotional training. !!Contains Language and disturbing scenes.!!

ashesofroses · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings