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TO REACH THE HEAVENS!!!!! A man name long kai , who was once a Indian soldier in earth ,at brink of his death due to a mysterious lotus he transport to a Tainwu continent , in this new life he was betrayed by his family member , is this his own thinking or there something more to it ?????? I like this demonic art , i will learn it . huh I like the art of celestial art , I will learn this too, huhh ,it bloodline properties are good I will merge it with my own bloodline ! since I came to this world , I am no obliged to be part of any races , since I am a person of earth, I will cultivate any art , merge any bloodline I like ! This is the journey OF Long Kai his choices , his decision which make him become sovereign , but he can only become sovereign either of heaven or hell !!!! what path he will choose will he become the sovereign of hell or heaven ? will he became a celestial or a demon ?

pddabral ยท Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings