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My Truest Identity

"You're God's beloved!" That's how Princess's mom used to remind her. But how could she believe it nor accept the fact that she's beloved by God if one day she woke up her beloved mommy was already lying on the floor with her blood and was killed by her atheist dad? Will she hold on to those words? Or will she harbor hatred for God? Well, that horrific situation turned her to live a life far different from what she desired. A life without knowing God. It's a story of a lady, a prodigal daughter of God who struggled to find her truest identity by battling over all the dark forces dwelling inside of her.

Godsbeloved1012 · Teen
Not enough ratings

All The Vanished Questions

Paano mo ba masasabi na kilala mo ang isang tao? Dahil ba alam mo ang pangalan niya, address, suking tindahan, mga paboritong bagay, brand ng toothpaste at ilang bagay tungkol sa kanya. Sino ka pag tinanggalan ka ng pangalan? Anong mga bagay ang magpaparamdam sa'yo na isa kang normal na tao? Ride into the journey of two souls; a lost girl with less than normal disposition and a Boy who just wanted to get lost . How will she find every single piece of herself? And how will he find the way back?

notinmystudio · Teen
Not enough ratings

Lux & Nox

Have you ever wondered how does the dark get his light? For ancient stories, darkness is considered a bad omen and light provides a path for darkness to be somewhat enlightened. How does one dark side become fully enlightened? A story will teach you a good lesson in fighting your own darkness and demons. Your "Light" may come in late into your life but the change is inevitable to happen.

Xeirazeil · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings