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ReLife: I Want to be an Idol

After an accident, 30-years old Tsukishiro Aimi woke up in the hospital only to find out that she was in a deep coma, and currently, her soul cannot return to her physical body. "Welcome to the Land of the Unconscious," the man said with a smile. "You wanted to leave this place using my physical body? As the owner of the body, I permit you to occupy my body." the teenage girl said. Once Tsukishiro Aimi found her soul in the teenage girl's body, Aimi was furious! This was not what she wanted. She was tricked! "I'm sorry. I have no other choice," the man said. "When I saw your soul in this hospital, I knew right away that you would match my daughter. You would be my only hope I have if I wanted to save the little girl's soul." “What do you want me to do?” Aimi asked. “I will help you to path your way to become an idol.” “NANI? Why do I have to become an idol?” In the end, Tsukishiro Aimi had no choice but to agree to the man's plan and work hard to become an idol. ----- Author's Note: I'm much familiar with J-idol scenes. So, this story will surround a J-idol scene. * This is not a romance book ----- Cover: Kirinlukis

zetsubouaichan · Magical Realism
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