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The Elemental Twins

Two 17 year old twins in the foster care system get dragged into a world of magic and creatures they thought were myths. People are dying and it's up to them to save them.

Gay_Gachas63 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Sorcerer's Key

DISCLAIMER ~ The tags Reincarnation and Systems will be added into the story later than most novels. It will also be quite different than other novels so be aware. In a world where magic is normal and everyone has it. Well, almost. Seven Hundred Years Ago, there was a war between humans and... well, humans. The humans fought one another for petty reasons! Because there were certain humans who gained the power to use magic. Upon reaching the end of this war, the sorcerer’s separated themselves from the regular humans. They now live in the sky. Avoiding the “normies” as much as possible. However, it’s hard to avoid them when they have the most important thing to the sorcerers. The key! Even after seven hundred years the key remains missing. All information about the key has disappeared and humans use it to force the mages to do what they want. But, soon the humans and mages will meet again. But, first you have to climb the ranks to see them. Will another war be waged, why did all information go lost, what is the truth about the war? Find out soon. *Art not owned by me. If you are the artist please contact me.

Mathis_Peals · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Laurels and Thorns

It has been centuries since the fall of the Malanese Empire and now the world seems to stand at the beginning of a new age as the kingdom of Voreth expands throughout the continent. There will be no peace for king Aesar until the ancient glory is restored. Meanwhile to the south a man by the name of Lahan may be a simple serf, but he is willing to protect his homeland at any cost.

Samuil_T · Fantasy
Not enough ratings