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My Unforgettable Adventure

Rhaine Caroline Sanches, a famous teacher at Saphfire International University decided to quit teaching to work on their family's company. While she was on her way to Canada to deal with some business ordered by her father, an accident happened that lead her from coming back to the place she hated the most. Crystal Town Forest, a place that full of mysteries. It was also believed that the place was haunted because many people died there. Rhaine accidentally went there but she didn't expect that she would discover a secret place that is hiding inside that forest. That place changes her whole life and she met a lot of people that eventually became a part of her life. She laughs, cries, fell in love, and does a lot of things that she didn't do before but one day her whole life fell apart when she has finally known the purpose why she accidentally went there. What could be is the reason why she accidentally went to that place? Let's all find out! "I am Rhaine Caroline Sanches and this is My Unforgettable Adventure."

Bbhyunpinkii ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings