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I slightly move my tied arms, the thick green vines almost fracturing my bones. I look to my right. A limp brother lay motionless against the tree we are tied to, his head missing and his shoulders disfigured. I turn to my left. A brother, also tied to the tree, is growling with his small yet sharp teeth bared as he tries with all his might to be free... But alas, I suppose his intelligence is still average, as he only tries to pull away. I look up, and I see the slightly swaying large green leaves, thousands of them, growing from big branches, all connecting to the very tree, I as well, am bound to. I look forward; In a small clearing with only some grass surrounded by trees, three senseless, fatheaded, unintelligent, feeble-minded idiots I am embarrassed to call my distant relatives sit by a fire with one of my screaming brethren tied to a branch sitting on top of it.

_Petrified_ ยท Fantasy
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