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Marcus and Winston Wick in convergence of Marvel and DC

This is a story is about a Marcus Wick and Winston Wick, who are the sons of Jonathon Wick of an alternate universe where his wife didn't die of cancer and they had a beautiful pair of twins. But fortunately or unfortunately those boys dies.... and gets reborn in a world which is mainly Marvel but convergence of DC here and there.... So let us embark on the journey of the two brothers and lets see what wave they bring on the world of legends and gods.... **************** Author ranting: I don't hold a good track record on update, so don't expect anything regular. I will write mainly in week ends and for my enjoyments. I wish to entertain you all alongside that, so wish me luck. I am not hardcore marvel fan or DC fan, but I am fan nonetheless... so I strictly going to stick to MCU and DCU. And if anything clashes with cannon, point it out, I shall try to minimize the damage.

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