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From F Rank Nothing To S Rank Taming Guardian

(This is technically advertisement for my other book, Bygone Era VR, or BEVR lol, so you should give that one a read- and all your stones- as well if you found this book independently. i mean, this one gets updated based on the other's votes =^_^=) After towers and portals from and to other worlds started appearing all over Earth, exposing the world to magic and monsters in a variety of ways. One young man loses his home and family to a surprise raid of beasts from another world, fighting for his life and being tainted by mana for the first time. Graduating from forced enrollment to forced enlistment, our story revolves around Malcolm, a young bottom rank Protector with a unique mana class who works hard through any means possible to strengthen himself and stockpile all the money and weapons he can to retire as soon as possible with the means to protect himself and his guardian.

rezerochance ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings