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Young Master, Please Go Away!

Young Master, Please Go Away!

The case of a strong-willed young master, and an fed-up young lady. Watch the tale unfold as the playful young master, Longxuan Zenbai, has a fated encounter with his destined one, Zhu Xiaoqing, but the status difference is very big! Xiaoming being a commoner lady, Zenbai being a royal prince, but with a measly chance of succeeding the throne, nobody had ever cared about him! But even so, a sons reputation inflicts his parents, so every had oppressed in every way! Thus making Zenbai go out of his way to meet Xiaoqing again! ~*~ On a gusty day, Longxuan Zenbai dressed up as a commoner named Xuanlong Bai-Zen, to escape from his royal duties, freedom was all he longed for but he didn't get even that, him escaping was how much freedom they gave him, almost none, Every morning, modern 21st centuries time, 5:00, was the time he had to leave for an enjoyable stay at the Zhu Inn, hm? Zhu Inn? That sure sound familiar... right, Zhu Xiaoqing, her family runs the inn, but she is the only worker at it and unfairly, all the taels run to her selfish family. Being the playful prince he is, he drinks a cup of drugged water meant for a pretty lady nearby, and goes rampant, being escorted by his male friends, he locks himself in the room for the drug to pass by, but room service came at the wrong time, "Hey Baizen! do you need anything, and why is the door locked?" Just when Zhu Xiaoqing unlocked and opened the door, the handsome Longxuan leaped at her like she was prey. "Nn!" Xiaoqing could barely even hear her muffled screams, "Sorry about this Xiaoqing.." The rest of the scenes are too complicated for me, a noob, to write. Sorry, your readily supplied imaginations have taken a hard last-minute turn towards the self-made-imagination route! (Guide: Its slow and Zenbai is very gentle but turns beastly after Xiaoqing gets comfy. )

Webnovel_UserA ยท Historical Romance
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