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Solo Gacha

We all know the hunter Sung Jin-Woo from the novel and comic but do we know his biggest fan is in fact name Sung Jin-Woo. He has always read it in his spare time that there was a point where he read it all the time. Sung was 18 year-old freshmen in college. His was very average in terms of look,grades and sports. He never like anything related to reading until he found “Solo Leveling”. When he started he became obsessed. He would wait for the next chapter to come out without eating for days. He wished he had powers like the Sung Jin-Woo in the book since they had the exact same name.But reality hit him he still had school work,he still had family time, and he still had his chores. He couldn’t read at that time which in turn frustrated him until one day he read the last page of “Solo Leveling” he saw the author told him something since he was the first reader he got a “special privilege” he would still have the novel in his phone even when the author deleted it. After something unexpected happened... I don’t own most characters I just own Mc for sure I’m a new author Check out my other Fan-Fiction Otaku reincarnated with.....what a system. Give me lots of reviews and add me to your library for future updates

KotaraxKarma · Fantasy
Not enough ratings